MKE – Week 3: Starbucks

The light bulb went off!! Driving to Starbucks to get a coffee, Christian music playing softly in the background and it dawned on me how much wasted time I have spent watching TV or playing on social media. I love keeping my promises. 🙂

turned on pendant lamp

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  1. dannycl says:

    It’s it amazing how much free time we have if only we changed some of our habits.
    Great Observation Michelle!
    Thanks for pointing that out.


  2. Week 1,,2,3 Blog DONE!!!
    Great refections . I look forward to sharing this journey with you.
    I’m a 2015 Life member, and just checking out the new membership.

    Believe me this course is worth it. The class of 2017 believed it and made it possible for you too. Stick with it. Also, I do the blogroll, so I updated your URL link so that it works. You should be getting more comments for the remainder of the coarse.


  3. I am right with you. I absolutely love the reading. I feel so much lighter.


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