MKE – Week 8: Integrity Towing & Recovery

Goosebumps, goosebumps and more goosebumps! Let me set the stage for you. I work for FedEx and participate in a Safety Action Team. What we do is travel to all of the stations within Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware and evaluate the Safety Culture of the building. The day starts pretty early, like 6:00 AM early. UFF DA!! (Norwegian term) We walk around and engage the package handlers, drivers, management and staff. Well, on this specific day, which was Wednesday, 9/14/18, I walked by this gentleman that was sitting down and something told me to stop and engage him. I asked him if he was a contractor. He stated that he was just a driver. We continued to talk and then as we were finishing the conversation, he said, ‘Keep smiling and looking beautiful.’ I Thanked him, smiled and went on my way.clear emoji clips About a half hour had pasted. I was walking to the end of the 1st belt line and I saw him again. He stopped and said, we meet again. He started talking about his grandmother, who had past but how he had learned so much from her. Scroll 2, ‘I will Love the Old for the Wisdom they Share!’ I completely agreed with him. He shared some more stories about her. Which were absolutely beautiful. He then said, ‘I get up an hour early, spend time with my God, then come to work and Share the “LOVE!” I started getting chills, goose bumps. He looked down at his shoes and said, ‘My shoes are my Truth!’ ‘I am walking in LOVE!’ WOW!! Again, more chills and goosebumps. The Master Key came flooding into my mind!! I asked him, ‘Is this your calling?’ He said, ‘No.’ ‘I believe that I will start a business, called Integrity Towing and Recovery, so that I can help people.’ I told him that I would keep my eye out waiting to see this flourish. Before we went on our ways, he asked if he could give me a hug. I said, Yes. We hugged and he said, ‘I Love you.’ This young mans name is Frank Ruffin. I am truly floored by this experience and am looking forward to what the future has to hold for him. Trust you me, I am going to be looking for his business from time to time.  I’m telling you, please keep up the work. Put yourself completely into the exercises! Stop and listen to others! Your world is going to change!! Be aware and give to the universe!! The universe will give back to you!! PEACE!!



  1. What an amazing experience! So neat how you related it back to what you’re learning and reading in the Greatest Salesman!


  2. dannycl says:

    I greet this Day with Love in my Heart.
    Michelle! What an amazing blog!
    I got goosebumps just reading this!
    Bravo on being the Observer!


  3. jeffvmkblog says:

    great example of giving and receiving,


  4. I’m at a loss for know those moments that are so life giving your just speechless..and I wasn’t even there!

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  5. UFF DA for sure. And what an awesome story. Your encouragement at the end should be read by others and it will really sink in following the description of what you had just experienced.


  6. I enjoy reading your blog and give more get more. It’s life vivifying to connect and pay attention to people we meet.


  7. So amazing to be hearing stories like this and that we are all becoming more aware of people whom we come in contact with everyday and the importance of making time to interact.

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