MKE – Week 11: Gratitude

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Family members, what can I say?? So many to give credit and Thank you to!! Mark J., Davene, Master Guides, Lori, Gi Gi, Derek and my Guide, Danny Linkert and guide Jennifer Dilks. All of you have impacted me throughout this process in some way. Mark J., love your Enthusiasm and Passion for your resilience in manifesting this one of a kind course!! NOTHING LIKE IT!! Davene, your hard work and knowledge with the Digital connections call makes us all a little smarter. You make us ALL feel like FAMILY!! Your beauty and passion shows through ALL of your efforts! Lori Enrico, I love listening to your examples in life, your extra efforts in masterminding and helping to develop, ‘Finding your Authentic Self.’ This has truly helped me in manifesting my DMP. Gi Gi, I haven’t had to much interaction with you but I love your constant smile and engaging personality. You hopped on a zoom call that my guide Danny,  held on a Monday evening. You took the time to ask each one of us questions about ourself and assisted in giving advice or suggestions about things to think about. I’m sorry, that you like the Green Bay Packers though. 🙂 Derek, my fellow white. I like how you can see things differently. Whites can be the bridge that helps created the gab between different personalities. You help people see things in a different light. I enjoy listening to how you think.  Danny Linkert, this week, you took the time to put aside time out of your life to set up a one-on-one zoom that has helped me think about different things in my DMP.   I appreciate everything you have done throughout this whole process. You have reached out when you didn’t have to. You send little gifts which makes me feel special. Some may say it is small but to me it is HUGE. Thank YOU!! Thank YOU!! I appreciate YOU!! Friend and Guide, Jennifer Dilks, I cannot Thank you enough for taking time out of your day to mastermind, listen and engage with me! You have shown me through examples in your own life how things can manifest!! Your spark for life, is contagious!! Stay positive and keep believing in yourself!!

Thank you to everyone that has touched my life!! YOU are making changes for ALL of us in the Master-Key family!! Blessings to everyone!! Love YOU ALL!!


  1. Showing & feeling gratitude is the “key”. I have enjoyed your blogs and look forward to reading more of your insights.

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  2. dannycl says:

    Michelle! My fellow White.
    Thank You for the kind words and Gratitude.
    For without You being You, Being me would not be as rewarding!

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  3. Michelle –
    That is one beautiful acknowledgment – give more and get more. I wish you the best of luck in tonight’s MNF.

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  4. jurgasdiary says:

    I want to thank you Michelle for your beautiful blogs. I find in them so many great ideas helping me to enhance my MKE journey. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Jon says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful bar4age of gratitude. Thank you this shows me the way forwards.

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  6. dileog says:

    Your enthusiasm is contagious. I could use your beach scene as a meditation piece. Keep up the great work and insight.
    George DiLeo

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  7. John P Dolden says:

    Thanks for sharing Michelle, such a lovely blog


  8. Vykkie D says:

    Shell! That’s touched my heart girl. I love how you are opening yourself up and it’s beautiful!

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