MKE – Week 12: Battle of The Mind

IMG_2542Friends and Family, let’s just say, this week has been a challenge for me since starting this course. My old blueprint was pressing hard this week and I let it win some days. I was getting home late and I was just plain tired. So, instead of going up to the office, I cuddled up with a blanket on the couch and feel asleep. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in myself when I woke up later. I let this cycle continue more than once, twice…… RRRRRRRR!!!! I did not set myself up for success.

I received a polo from one of the members in my tribe, Scott Nelson on Saturday. It was what I needed!! A swift kick in the behind. Thank you, Scott!! I cannot do this alone. I want my tribe, my mastermind partners and my guide to help me achieve success not only for myself but for others who take this course. This course is here to help not only ourself accomplish goals but to lift each other up!! EMPOWER one another!! Give!!     How interesting I came across a picture shared by one of my favorite artist, Toby Mac, that says, ‘Don’t be afraid to share your story. It could be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison.’ WOW!!IMG_3383  
My focus this week was definitely not on bettering myself. I got stuck in the rhythm of life. Listening to my old blueprint, ‘it’s ok, you’ll get it done sooner or later!’ NOT!! Move aside – You are not welcome here!!

Vic, I owe you a BIG, BIG, Thank YOU!! Your enthusiasm, your realness, your success, your passion for life has empowered ME!! I appreciate your willingness to help me through this journey!!

I found an article that was shared at work the first week of December. It is by Claudio Fernåndez-Aråoz, “The Key to Career Growth – Surround Yourself with People Who Will Push You.” Truly Amazing!! Exactly what I need right now. I am a strong, independent lady who thinks that I can do things on my own. Hmmmmm, this course is showing me, that I can depend, share and be vulnerable with others and it’s ok. 🙂IMG_4157As soon as I read this, I instantly thought about my tribe, my guide, my friends, my mastermind partner(s) and how we need each other to succeed!! I AM here for every single one of you!!

My DMP has really started to manifest in front of my eyes. This week while at work, I made a call to Empire Fitness and my passion for working out, healthy eating pushed forward. My gut was talking to me. “What’s inside the box, Danny?” ME!! 


I will finish by leaving a message by Eckhart Toll, “All things that truly matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner-peace – arise from beyond the mind.”




  1. dannycl says:

    I except that answer Michelle!
    For it is You that makes the choice to see the Possibilities.
    You are The Champion!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your process. Celebrate! This MKE program is pushing us to the limits! I can attest to that. And, I am being gentle, kind, loving, accepting, compassionate with myself, balancing this with pushing myself in a way in which I do not lose PRESENCE. Being present within myself is the most essential priority for myself. I always enjoy Eckhardt Tolle’s wisdom.

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  3. jeffbusch99 says:

    You go girl!!!!

    With blessings and grace to you this week!!!🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Vykkie D says:

    Sissy this is sooooo lit! It’s my honor to help you achieve those desires God placed in your heart to accomplish. Were not put on this earth to do it alone, that’s why we all have weakness —to force us—to come together anyway. I totally get you. I am a strong, stubborn, opinionated, independent woman and I just the same revelation 3 months ago so this whole thing you going through, gurrrl. Been there. Just embrace it and keep moving forward. You are regal and it looks good on you;)

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  5. John P Dolden says:

    Well done such an enthuuuusiastc blog Michelle


  6. Great plan working with master mind friends who care about us. Together we can accomplish great things and thanks for sharing Michelle.


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