MKE – Week 13: What’s Inside of YOU!!??

What is Persistence? 1: the action or fact of persisting; 2: the quality or state of being. 

Last week I struggled, but I did not let my failure succeed! This week a couple of quotes crossed my mind shared by Pat Summit. (What an Icon, Inspiration)

Pat Summit I beat You

Exactly what we need to say to our Old Blueprint!! I AM going to BEAT YOU!! I will persist and succeed!! If our attitude is negative, guess what?? We will attract negative things. If our attitude is positive, guess what?? We will attract positive things in our life. We hold the choice. Pat Summit Attitude

Are you using your flash cards? Are you keeping your promises? Are you holding yourself accountable to your actions? Are you a leader or a follower? Are you chipping away at the old blueprint?

In OG, Scroll 3: I persist until I succeed. Henceforth, I learn and apply another secret of those who excel in my work. When each day is ended, not regarding whether it has been a success or a failure, I attempt to achieve one more sale. When my thoughts beckon my tired body homeward I resist the temptation to depart. I try again. I make one more attempt to close with VICTORY, and if that fails I make another. NEVER I allow any day to end with a failure. Thus I plant the seed of tomorrow’s success and GAIN an INSURMOUNTABLE ADVANTAGE over those who cease their labor at a prescribed time. When other cease their struggle, then mine shall begin, and MY HARVEST shall be FULL!! I persist until I succeed! Till your soil and watch your harvest grow with ABUNDANCE!! I will NOT give in to my OLD BLUEPRINT!!

On 12/18/18, I read from Isaiah 30:20-21; 2 Corinthians 4:17 (AMP) on my daily calendar, it reads as follows:

WHEN YOU ARE PLAGUED by a persistent problem–one that goes on and on–view it as a rich opportunity. An ongoing problem is like a tutor who is always by your side. The learning possibilities are limited only by your willingness to be teachable. In Faith, Thank ME for your problem. Ask ME to open your eyes and your heart to all that I am accomplishing through this difficulty. Once you have become Grateful for a problem, it loses its power to drag you down. On the contrary, your Thankful Attitude will lift you up into heavenly places with ME. From this perspective, your difficulty can be seen as a slight, temporary distress that is producing for you a transcendent Glory never to cease!

BAM!! BAM!! Grateful, Thankful Attitude!! ‘I can be what I will to BE!’

One of my DMP Smart Goals is to repeat, ‘I AM BLESSED!’ I usually do this while I am driving to work. Well, this week as I was saying this, a song came on the radio by Rend Collective titled, ‘Counting Every Blessing.’ Gave me an instant smile. 🙂 Let me share a few words.


You were there in the valley of shadows                                                                                             You were there in the depth of my sorrows                                                                                     You’re my strength, my hope for tomorrow                                                                                     I’ve been Blessed beyond all measure

I am counting every Blessing, counting every Blessing                                                                 Letting Go and Trusting when I cannot see                                                                                       I am counting every Blessing, counting every Blessing                                                                 Surely every season you are good to me


UFF DA!! I AM BLESSED!! Are you?? Go, find your Blessings!!

I have always been an observer. I like to watch people. I am a firm believer that you cannot take back your words. In saying that, be there for your mastermind partner. Take the time no matter how long or short, weekly or daily to contribute. Remember, YOUR WORDS can MAKE a difference in someones LIFE or YOURS!!

Never Understimate One Word

In closing,

Center Thought

Be true to yourself and continue to PERSIST!!

I always keep my promises,

Michelle Dahl


  1. dannycl says:

    Great Blog Michelle! Love the quotes.
    A quote from Richard Bach’s Messiah’s Handbook comes to mind.
    “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YUM! Your great attitude is pervasive throughout the entire blog. I enjoy reading your entire stream of thoughts. Nice Hail Mary!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. John P Dolden says:

    Great blog Michelle


  4. Vykkie D says:

    Queen Michelle,
    I feel the energy girl! Keep going;).


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