MKE – Week 17: I Give Myself Permission..

Happy Day!! I give myself permission to be……..  It took me about mid-way through the week to totally grasp this. I kept asking myself, ‘What am I giving myself permission to do…….?’ I am giving myself permission to BE FREE!!!!

I am a strong, independent, responsible, loving woman who really doesn’t cry much in front of others. I tend to hide it and cry to myself. I had to let my 9 pound, 14 year old miniature pincher, Lexi go last July. She was my buddy, my companion. It was the toughest thing I had to do so far in life. I miss her everyday. This morning, I told myself, I give myself permission to grieve.’ Tough!! But so much growth! It is good to show emotions!!

lexi fedex

I give myself permission to be full of Joy! I give myself permission to Laugh! I give myself permission to Love! I give myself permission to Live!

As I was getting ready for work this morning, DJ, Steve on 95.1 Shine FM was talking about his weight loss of over 100 pounds. People were asking him how he resisted to stay away from sweets, fast food and anything bad. He replied, “I embrace and celebrate healthy food choices.” “You chose to give words energy, good or bad.” Wow!! Law of Dual Thought : Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a  thought we want. 

This week I reflected on some of the changes in my life since starting this course. I find myself listening to people more; not just listening but LISTENING! I am more productive at work and practice the ‘Do It Now’ approach!! I have created great habits and keep my promises. I am not the same person. I will not FAIL! Failure is not an option!!

While driving to work this morning, I heard two beautiful songs about change!

Jordan Feliz – Changed

Let me tell you, all my friends
About this joy I’m living in
Let me take the mic, go on and testify
How I was dead and then I came to life
No more living in the dark of night
Now everything’s alright
I’ve been changed, I’ve been saved
Brand new day
I’ve been changed, I’ve been changed
Tell me why would I turn back now?
There’s no end to the love I’ve found
Future’s bright and there ain’t no doubt
I’ve been changed, I’ve been changed
All my heartbreak fades away
Like a book when you turn the page
Let me take the mic, go on and testify
How I was dead and then I came to life
No more living in the dark of night
Now everything’s alright
Austin French – I’ve Been Change
I was down on my luck, I was stuck
I was running ’round broken-hearted
I was sinking so fast
I couldn’t last falling apart
And You could’ve ran away
Leaving me there in my shame
Leaving me fighting my pain
But You made a better way
Oh, oh, oh
I’ve been saved
Goodbye to the sinner, I’m held by the Father above
No more shame, for
I’m out of the desert and drowned in the power of love
Amazing grace, my soul set free
Ain’t no grave, got a hold on me
I’m born again, born again
Washed by the water, I’m clean
My eyes have been open
You’re showing me all of my life in a new light
Every step, every breath
Like it’s the first time
embace quote
I, Michelle Dahl, give myself permission to Embrace change! 


  1. Big week for you, my friend. You are staying the course – the greatest rewards are still to come.


  2. dannycl says:

    Great Blog Michelle!
    There is so much we can give ourselves permission for.
    I agree with Greg! The Greatest rewards are still to come, and they shall come from Within.


  3. John P Dolden says:

    Well done for embracing change Michelle


  4. Great to learn of the benefits you are receiving and giving to others (listening) by embracing the change.


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