MKE – Week 18: Thought, Creativity & Potentiality

I have seen these 3 words – Thought, Creativity and Potentiality at some point in my week.

Haanel 18:12Thought is creative and the principle on which the law is based is sound and legitimate and is inherent in the nature of things; but this creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the universal, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance. The individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy.

Haanel 18:14Thought is the invisible ink by which the individual comes into communication with the Universal, the finite with the Infinite, the seen with the Unseen. Thought is the magic by which the human is transformed into a being who thinks and knows and feels and acts.

Haanel 18:25 – It is clear, therefore, that thoughts of abundance will respond only to similar thoughts; the wealth of the individual is seen to be what he inherently is. Affluence within is found to be the secret of attraction for affluence without. The ability to produce is found to be the real source of wealth of the individual. It is for this reason that he who has heart in his work is certain to meet with unbounded success. He will give, and the more he gives, the more he will receive. 

‘There is no thought in my mind but it quickly tends to convert itself into a power and organizes a huge instrumentality of means.’ – Emerson

We have heard this over and over in this course. It is like Karma; what you put out into the universe, you will get back. 

Ask yourself these questions?

  1. Where does creative power originate? In the Universal.
  2. How does the Universal create form? By means of the individual.
  3. What is the connecting link between the individual and the Universal? Thought.
  4. How is the principle brought into expression? By the Law of Growth.
  5. Upon what condition does the Law of Growth depend? Upon reciprocal action. The individual is complete at all times and this make it possible to receive only as we give.
  6. What is it that we give? Thought.
  7. What do we receive? Thought, which is substance in equilibrium and which is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think.

Do you see how this is all linking together? 🙂 It’s a beautiful and powerful thing this thing we call Universe! The more we doing something, the more we see it on a daily basis. (Example: Kindness, Love)

I heard a friend say, ‘I’m not creative.’ My response, ‘We are all creative in our own ways. Creativity doesn’t mean artistic. We can all share something unique.’ I politely said, ‘Try saying it in a different way like, You are Creative and have a lot to offer.’ 

Every day I receive an email at work which contains a Management Tip. This week the topic was, “To Cultivate Creativity on Your Team, Set the Conditions for It.” There is no such thing as a “creative personality”; anybody can be creative, given the right opportunities and context. So if you need more creativity on your team, don’t just hire more people — develop the ones who already work for you. Research has found that expertise in a certain field is a key ingredient for producing creative work, so offer your team coaching to help them master the skills your organization needs. Practicing is another path to expertise. Find ways for employees to use new skills again and again, and give them feedback so that they keep improving. It’s also important to encourage exploration. Set aside time for employees to play around with new ideas and follow inspiration wherever it leads, even when there isn’t an obvious connection to their jobs. Finally, reward persistence. Ideas often need time to develop  — lots of it — and someone’s passion project could turn out to be your company’s next big innovation. –Greg Satell

I instantly had to share this with my friend. The more I read this, the more I find things that relate back to the Masterkey. (Develop, Master the Skills, Practicing, Coaching, Feedback, Encourage, Inspire, Persistence and Passion) Someone drop the Mic!! BOOM!!

In one of my sits this week, I listened to Oprah & Deepak. You’ll never guess what the topic was???? I Can Create Anything. 🙂 Embrace your beauty! Your creativity! Your thoughts! Your Potentiality! Share them with the Universe. What you give. You will receive!!

Thought, Creativity


  1. Your blogs are full, informative, and enlightening. Thanks!

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  2. Marcel Mark Bolzern says:

    What a great blog post. Thank you!

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  3. dannycl says:

    Outstanding Michelle!
    I see the Observer in you as a Trainer for FedEx!

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  4. I enjoyed reading your blog, and noticed how well organized you were with expressing the “lesson.” Thanks for the recap! In Gratitude.

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  5. Amazing blog. It inspires and encourages new ideas, empowers important principles and creativity. Thanks for sharing Michelle.

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