Week 2 – Master Key, Personal Pivotal Need

This girl is on the path to finding herself!! Look out world here come Leigh!! #MasterKeyExperience #NothingLikeIt

Sweet Leigh's Journey

So this week was a true test to my consistency…I have to admit that I fell off schedule a couple times with my readings. Following the linking exercise, I do notice the colour blue and the rectangular shape more consistently now.

I was on my way home when the topic came up of personal pivotal needs, so I could not do the activity right away. However, I immediately connected with recognition for creative expression and liberty.

I have always been one to use my creative instincts…writing, sketching, cooking and baking are my passion and as a baker and event planner I can utilise all of them in one project. Liberty and creativity go hand in hand. I love turning someone’s idea, their vision, into reality. Cooking and baking allows me the opportunity to bring people together, where we not only share a meal, we create a memory. When baking, I…

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