MKE Week 17/17HJ – ‘Hero?’ ~ Year 2

The hero’s journey. Hero? Me?

  • Hero: 1. a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. 2. “Any person who tries to improve the world has courage, is a hero

How to be the hero in your own journey? We have to slay our OWN dragons. You need to decide, old blueprint – refusing self or new blueprint – future self. Figuring this out will be a life defining moment!! WE have to learn to carve our own pathway and to be the architect of our OWN mind. We have to learn how to surrender and as we are going through our journey; the right people and the resources will show UP!

Compensation: First Series (1841) ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 4.00.27 PM                Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 4.00.39 PM

And power to him who power exerts; Give more; Get more!!

** Giving of yourself; gives you power! The power of thought; give this to yourself! Strengthen the power within. Focus on what YOU WANT! **

‘You can’t light others path; without lighting your own. 🙂

We need to learn to live in Abundance! Believing in Abundance! Focus on Abundance! Give yourself permission to be Happy! Give Joy, Happiness, Kindness LIFE!! Speak them out loud!!I am not my past. I am not living it anymore. Stop giving negative thought and power. Don’t speak them ~ 80% is awareness; 20% is our old blueprint. Program your new habit! Visualize it, Imagine it, Create it and Innovate it!!

Haanel 17:28 – You may be pursing the symbols of power, instead of power itself. You may be pursuing fame instead of honor, riches instead of wealth, position instead of servitude; in either event you will find that they turn to ashes just as you overtake them.

Your true self (authentic) can be of ‘service’ to others. Go out and be your hero!! 

I leave you with this beautiful song by Casting Crowns – ‘Heroes

Casting Crowns – Heroes (Click the link)

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 10.33.03 PM

Peace be your Journey!!


  1. Darren Davis says:

    Nice blog and share Michelle – thanks


  2. hereinspired says:

    A great reminder that as we light others’ paths we also light our own! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Appreciate you, Michelle. ❤️


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