Written by Bo Jackson.

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It was a beautiful September morning in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. The sun was shining, and it was 72 degrees. In my hand I have a warm, frothy cup of coffee and I am listening to the waves hit the rocks. It is so breath taking and relaxing. What a great place to start an interview. I am getting ready to meet up with a very sought out woman, Michelle Dahl. She has taken the health industry by storm. We have decided to walk and along the beach and talk. Nothing formal, just relaxed and carefree.

Bo Jackson: It is a pleasure to finally meet you. You look very nice. I see you have someone with you.?

Michelle: It is a please to meet you also. This is my buddy, Lexi. She is a miniature pinscher. I hope you don’t mind her being here with me.

Bo Jackson: No, not at all. As we walk along this beautiful beach. Can you share with me a little about yourself?

Michelle: Sure. I was born in Minnesota to a middle-class family. I am the oldest out of six, 2 sisters, and 3 brothers. I had a great up bringing. My father and mother worked very hard to put a shelter over our heads and food on the table. We never wanted for anything, (even though as kids, we may have thought differently). 🙂 My parents showed us more with action than words what Love was, along with hard work. The led by example. I grew up quickly. I was my Mom’s right hand. She entrusted me with my siblings. When they were working at night, I was in charge of making sure everyone was fed, did their homework, and got to bed on time around the age of 13, or 14. I was a very shy kid. It has taken me while to grow my confidence and understand how powerful words are. How they can build up someone or tear them down.

Bo Jackson: I appreciate the honestly. Wow, what a responsibility at such a young age. Thank you. What did you do after High School? How did you find your passion in fitness?

Michelle: You know, I love sports. I am very competitive, I hate to lose.

(To be continued)



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