The day was special. It was the day I’ve been waiting for. I’ve heard so much about this humble, young lady that people keep talking about. Who has this one of kind method of staying physically healthy and spiritually strong??

How could this be? I had to find out, I arranged to set up an interview in Key West, Florida. We would meet at this unique RV camp ground, on mile marker 14, called the Blue Island Key Resort. As I pulled up to the gate, the gate keeper, George politely asked who I was there to see. I politely showed my credentials and said, ‘My name is Toby Mac and I am here to meet Michelle Dahl.’ He paused, and pulled out his phone and made a call. He turned and said, ‘Follow me please.’ I followed him in his golf cart about 100 yards to the tip of this small island on the ocean side. It was breath taking. When you looked into the horizon, you could not tell where the sky met the water. It was so blue and the sun was beaming. I could smell the brewing of coffee. I saw a small tiki hut with a few chairs and a long pier going out into the ocean. There she was, sitting in a comfortable beach coral chair with steam coming off her coffee cup. She turned and said, ‘Hi, pleasure to meet you Toby. Have a seat.’

I said, ‘this place is beautiful!’ ‘Can you tell me a little about yourself and how long you been doing this?’ Michelle responded with a grin and said, ‘I am the oldest of 6 and have always been interested in sports and nutrition. I truly enjoy what I am doing now with wellness and spiritual growth. It has been passion of mine that I have been doing for a fabulous 10 years and counting!’ ‘I will show you my unique secret, if you promise to pass one of your unique talents forward? Toby responded, ‘I will pass on my love for Christian music.’

‘It all started with my love for animals and I decided to stop eating meat. So, it was a slow progression. As, time went by, I found that along with eating salads, fish, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, all kind of nuts and vegetables that I needed a plant-based supplement. I found this fabulous company, called Ka’Chava. At this point, I started making shakes in the morning. My energy level sky rocketed!! ‘Interesting, could you please share more,’ Toby Mac said. ‘Sure,’ she said. ‘I started walking and running around my neighborhood, in Minnesota. My neighbors were watching my progress and approached me and asked if I could show them what I was doing. ‘I started putting together a plan for my neighbor, Patricia.’ ‘I would walk, run and help guide her in preparing good healthy meals. She then asked me if she could pay me. I responded, ‘This is a passion of mine!’ ‘Here is what I will do, I will accept your money but will give a 1/4 to a pet charity of mine, 1/4 to my favorite Christian music station, 95.1 Shine FM and I will put the rest towards growing the business. What I ask of you is to pass on this information to someone else.’ 🙂

‘Before I could blink my eyes, I was in business and it has been growing at a rapid pace!’ ‘Interesting,’ Toby said. He paused, then said, ‘I would like to put $1,000,000 towards your passion and give every client of yours a few of my music CD’s and a back stage pass to one of my concerts!’ Michelle was elated, tears rolled down her face and she accepted with a BIG smile.



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